Color Solutions

The True OEM Alternative

Our color selection sets the new standard for color quality and performance. By utilizing next-generation technology, high quality chemical toners and components and proprietory robotics and automation, our cartridges provide a true alternative to the OEM.

SCS is a patented technology of Micro Solutions Enterprises which addresses critical quality barriers.

While most aftermarket manufacturers use a conventional color toner, our cartridges are developed utilizing state-of-the-art chemical toner to provide consistent quality and vibrant colors that perform as well as, or better than, an original cartridge. In addition, all color cartridges undergo Advanced Life-cycle Testing that includes environmental chamber testing, pre- and post-production testing and OEM benchmarking to ensure our cartridges meet or exceed OEM performance.

Color Cartridges

Make a Bold Statement

Color is a powerful visual component of any presentation, flyer, or business proposal. Used effectively it can favorably impact business perception and influence customers.

For color quality you can trust, there’s only one choice. Our high-quality color cartridges are engineered to provide consistent and vibrant color from the first page to the last.

While most aftermarket cartridges use conventional toner, cartridges featuring LBS technology are developed using state-of-the-art chemical toner to provide consistent rich colors that perform as well as, or better than national brand cartridges.

Our large product offering supports all the top national brands including HP, Brother, Canon, Dell, Lexmark, and more.

  • Significant savings over national brand cartridges
  • 100% performance   guarantee
  • Wide product assortment
  • 100% post tested
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Peak performance and consistent, vibrant color output